Best Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Wallet Cases

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a newest innovation from Samsung. It has snatched every gadget lover's notice by its 5.7 inch screen, glass and metal build as well as the 16MP camera. The slim and sharp body of Note 5 says it all. But aside of that, the safety question of this precious smartphone comes at owner's mind along. But there is nothing to worry about if you have a perfect, worthy wallet for your Note. A wallet is an essential part of the smartphone along with the shield of a mobile phone. And it's ready to defense your favorite Galaxy Note 5 as well from any uncertain circumstances. An ideal wallet will save your Note 5 from crashing or falling and also will save your phone from any kinds of external threats. If you look back at the conventional cases you will get the far differences between those conventional and present smart cases. Conventional cases were for the conventional, plastic mobile phones but the modern silicon and leather cases are for the elegant, elite, expensive smartphones such as Galaxy Note 5. So, a wallet is essential or you can say it's a part and parcel of the present smartphones. The more stable your wallet is, the more secure your Note 5 will be. Check out our the best Samsung Galaxy Note 5 cases on the market right now

#1  Spigen Wallet Case

spigen wallet case note 5Spigen wallet case is a brand new and stable wallet in the market of smartphone wallets. This wallet is highly compatible with Galaxy Note 5 and this extreme wallet allows three card slots and as a special addition for this case you will get an extra cash sleeve, which attached at the opposite side of this case. it will allow you to hold all your monetary units in one place and your money will be safe as well with your smartphone with this wallet. This cool leather case has the kickstand ability as well as this wallet will offer you the hands-free viewing facility. The case is made with the premium synthetic leather coat and only because of its premium leather, it is very much stable and guaranteed. The interior design is very elegant and it suits perfectly with every age of people as the color of this wallet is black. The magnetic clip handles the secure opening and closing of the cover and also the PC housing is a revolutionary addition to it. Get one for yours at only $17.99.

#2 Verus Card Case

verus card case for galaxy note 5Verus card case is a well constructed pragmatic wallet case for smartphones and it is is very popular among the teenage smartphone users. Especially the Samsung galaxy note 5 users appreciate it the most because of its elegant and polished design. The overall look is just awesome as hell and also this case is very user-friendly indeed. Certainly, this case possesses a dashing exterior look and the main characteristic of this dashing Verus card wallet is, it is very stable. So, it is the perfect friend of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and if you are fashionable and passionate about everything then this one will be in your top choice indeed. After arriving in the market, this one has earned a huge appreciation throughout the whole world. The installation of this Note 5 wallet case is little tricky, but the guideline will give you a clear sense for that. Now this awesome case is available at only $16.99.

#3 Verus Wallet Slim Case

galaxy note 5 wallet case from verusVerus slim wallet case is very much well known for its slim case looks very smart from the exterior side. Even in the interior side, it sewed very well and that's the reason this whole case is very stable. This case is available for Galaxy Note 5 and suits great with every age's people. To be honest, this slim case fits perfect for any kind of occasions and you will see the difference between you and your frined's wallet. An individual, who is very confident in his fashion sense, Verus wallet slim case will be his first choice indeed. This maroon color wallet is really awesome with it's several utility privileges and slim packages. The installation procedure of this case not complex at all and also you will get a brief, concise idea about installation in on the wallet's cover. Price is 19.99 bucks only.

#4 rooCase for Note 5

note 5 wallet coverrooCase features one of the most stables and extreme wallet case for Note 5 in a stylish way. This case is very light and sharp and obviously it will ensure you the guaranteed security for your Galaxy Note 5. For the monetary matters, this case has 3 pockets, where you can hold 3 credit cards or your money as well. The external look rooCase is little sophisticated but to be honest, this look has been made this case more popular among the smartphones users. With rooCase, you can enjoy even landscape mood as this case has a built-in media stand. One of best characteristics for this case is, it is very stable indeed and it is not in their words only but also you will get a lifetime guarantee for this stable, gorgeous case, if there is any manufacturer deficit. This is the excellence of this wallet case and honestly, rooCase would be the perfect selection for your Galaxy Note 5. The price is only $17, so what are you waiting for?

#5 Iviva Note 5 Wallet case

Iiviva samsung galaxy note 5 wallet caseviva wallet case is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Due to it's awesome outlook and sexy appearance, it has earned a huge appreciation towards the galaxy note 5 users and specially it's combo protector for Note 5 is just a cool idea. It has LCD clear combo protector and this feature is exclusively held by Iviva only. The whole wallet looks very strong and It is made with very high-quality premium graded plastic, also known as Thermoplastic. This case has extra slots for monetary units and you can secure your money or credit card there. The whole case is very stylish along with the external design of the case looks tribal in type and also this is the reason, the design is widely appreciated. The price of this case is just astonishing. Only $6 for this awesome, multi-facilitate wallet case though the stock is very limited. So grab one for yours very fast because it is really very rare that you are getting such classy wallet at only $6 from Amazon.

#6 Lific card holder

lific note 5 card caseLific, the manufacturer of lific card holder wallet mostly emphasizes on the quality of the phone and then they gave priority into the design. The color of this case is hot pink whereas pink is mostly the favorite color of the girl but on the other hand sometimes, pink is underrated by the fashion cautious guys. But manufacturer doesn't think about that because they have given the guaranteed quality to the customers and in other words, the quality is ensured for this awesome case. The stable case will give your galaxy note 5 the highest security as well as the installation of this case is very easy. Also, this case is very cost-effective and it will cost you only $11.99 and you will get the best quality at the cheapest price! Then who wants to miss this opportunity? Obviously, Lific is offering better than many other wallet cases company available in the market.

#7 Pocket flip case

galaxy note 5 magnetic wallet casePocket flip cases are well compatible with galaxy Note 5 and this wallet will ensure the superior protection for your galaxy note 5. Functionally, it is a very high-level phone case along with It will ensure the full security; so, your life will be tension free with this cool case. Pocket flip case is very slim and the exterior design is very elegant. It colors black and suits everywhere you go as it has the high quality, premium leather coat . It has the extra card slot advantages and will help you to secure your credit and the monetary unit as well. It has a magnetic clasp and it will work whenever you open or close your wallet and overall it can be said that this one is a decent wallet case. This case is now available at very decent price as well and you can now reach this Note 5 wallet cover at only $19.99 on Amazon US.

#8 Tauri stand view case

tauri wallet case for galaxy note 5Tauri stand view case wallet possesses some decent feature and it is exclusively available for Galaxy Note 5. It has three different slots for holding your credit card or money and even you can keep your ID card there as well so, this phone case will make your tasks easy. The external color of this wallet is dark black as dark black is a globally appreciated color for wallet cover. Also, it is made with stable weather coat so, it ensures the decent stability and quality. Your galaxy note 5 will be safe with this cool Tauri Stand view case. From the name of this case, we can guess what type feature it has and yes, it has the stand view feature, by which You can enjoy stand view with this well-designed wallet. The screen protection function of this wallet is better than any other wallets in the market with a decent price. This wallet case for Note 5 costs only $9.99 which is pretty nice.

#9 Flip bracket case

flip bracket wallet case note 5Flip Bracket case is a very well suited wallet for Galaxy Note 5 and it is perfectly on it. It has a front side flip cover for the protection of your screen and the flip cover will protect your screen from any crackings, scratches. The whole wallet is made up with the premium leather coat also there is a magnetic clasp situated in this wallet that will help you to hold tight while folding the wallet with the phone. The design is very fashionable and any individual consider elegant outfit, will appreciate this wallet very much. This allows extra slots for your ID card, credit card and other monetary circumstances. The whole case is very stable, as it is made with the premium leather coat. Overall, it's a dashing, stable and awesome wallet for your galaxy Note 5. and surprisingly this bracket case is now available at only $14.99 on Amazon. Very reasonable price indeed.

#10 Wydan wallet case

note 5 wallet caseWydan wallet case is made with leather and this one is tightly fitted with Galaxy Note 5 smartphone. The leather used to make this Doremi wallet is the premium in quality and also soft, smooth and due to it's high-quality leather, it offers greater security as well. This case has kickstand feature and this feature will allow you to enjoy any video comfortably or any text from any angle. The control buttons are not complicated indeed as a result, the user will have easy access into the each every control buttons. Additionally, this case has extra slots for holding ID card, credit cards etc. The color of this case brow and only brown color is exclusively available for this wallet now. This case ensures you the high-quality protection along with it offers a convenient price as well. The price is only $15.90 which is very reasonable in compared to all the features.

#11 Suptech flip case

 galaxy note 5 wallet caseSuptech flip case from Note 5 are made by the professionals and it is made with premium TOP leather. The design of this wallet is very elegant and the exterior design of this case can snatch anyone's notice. The good thing about this case is, the whole case is hand-made so the quality of these cases are assured 100%. You will get the speaker hole and other useful holes at the convenient places and also the user will be able to to talk over the phone without folding the wallet cover. It has a built-in stand view design. It will allow you to enjoy any video comfortably also it has 2 magnetic closure and it works to keep the cover closed safely. This wallet has an additional slot for credit card, ID card and monetary units. The price of this wallet is $21.04, which is little high but convenient with all its facilities

#12 Abucus24-7 kickstand case

wallet case for galaxy note 5Abucus24-7 kickstand case is very popular in the world of smartphone cases and It is well compatible with Galaxy note 5. The whole case is made with synthetic leather so this one is a very protective case for Galaxy Note 5. It ensures the extra security for screen and it's has a magnetic closure, which is invisible and helps to open and close the wallet cover. The external design of this case is elite in type and the whole wallet is black in color. This wallet is very easy to install and also It features stand view option. So It will enlarge your enjoyment while watching any video with your phone. The interioir sde of this wallet is very soft and comfortable along with a damage resistant strong body. This beatuiful Galaxy Note 5 wallet case is available at only $9.99 and I must say it is very reasonable indeed.

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