Best Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Accessories

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is more than just a Smartphone and the sooner that one realizes this, the better it will be for them to take care of this device. Taking care of this device so that you can guarantee you get the best performance out of it as well as ensuring that the device lasts for as long as you need it. These two important aspects of the Galaxy Note 5 therefore, can be therefore enhanced by making sure that it goes with the following accessories that we shall look at. They are really important in making sure that your device remains performing at its optimum which means that you get the best out of it as the user. So, get these accessories to go with your Galaxy Note 5 and you will enjoy the more the use of this device for whatever purpose it is that you use the device for.

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

Samsung Wireless Charging PadThis accessory ensures that the Galaxy Note 5 charges really fast and it's all wireless. If you are always a person who is constantly on the move, then this accessory will ensure that you don’t have to wait long in order to have your device with the right amount of charge for you to be on the move. This charging pad from Samsung is so much better for the Galaxy Note 5 as it actually reduces the charging time by 1.4 times than other wireless charging pads. Some users have complained that the charger does not fully charge (e.g it turn off and blink blue light) their Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, so to fix this, just go to Setting>Display and Wallpaper>Turn On Daydream. Then tap on any selection from Daydream menu and click on "More" at the top right corner of the screen and choose "Select when to daydream" and set  it to "While charging". Done! Price for this amazing Note 5 accessory starts from $37 on Amazon.

Samsung Fast Charging Battery Pack

samsung note 5 Fast Charge Battery PackThis fast charging battery pack for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with a capacity of 5200 mAh charges your Galaxy Note 5 from 0-50% in just less than 30 minutes. This battery pack is great because you can use it to charge the device up to one and a half times before it runs dry but you can always recharge it over and over again. It has a feature known as pass through charging that when you connect the phone to the battery pack while it is charging, it will charge the phone first to 100% then the battery pack. The weight of the battery is 6.56 ounces and it's almost the size of Note 5 itself. The $36.99 price tag is quite high for this battery pack for Note 5 compared to Aukey or Anker which provide double the capacity for half the price.

Level U Wireless Headphone

samsung-level-u note 5 wireless heaphoneThese Bluetooth headphones are just what any Samsung Galaxy Note 5 user needs, sporting beautiful design and amazing sound. They incorporate the latest technology as well as the latest trendy design that you can only find in Samsung accessories. They are made of durable quality material, and fit snugly into your ears and also do not clutter when they are not in use like other headphones. You get perfect sound as it has noise cancellation feature and a dual microphone noise reduction as well, making it really one of the best Samsung Note 5 accessories. With easy to use buttons, one can control volume, accept calls, pause or play. These Note 5 wireless headphones are available for $64.99.

The Omate X Smart-watch

omate x smart watch galaxy note 5This smart watch will go absolutely great with the Galaxy Note 5 because of how amazing it is in terms of durability and functionality. It is built with software that is compatible with android OS as well iOS if you have one. Its 400mAh battery will take you a full week as you use it with your Galaxy Note 5 when fully charged. It has all what you need: a camera, microphone, speaker, SMS/MMS view and handles calls very excellently. It also feature Accelerometer and Gyroscope and can tracks your daily steps and activities. This amazing Note 5 accessory is for sale for $110 on Amazon but it goes out of stock very frequently because of the high demand.

Samsung Bluetooth Headset.

galaxy note 5 Bluetooth HeadsetThis HM 1300 Bluetooth headset is just amazing in its own right as far as functionality, performance and style is concerned. The ease of use is enhanced by the fact that it has really simple paring technology where you just turn the Bluetooth device on and your phone and it connects automatically. No passwords required. This feature enables it to be widely accepted as an accessory that would revolutionize how you use your Galaxy Note 5. You can also pair this Bluetooth headset to two devices at once. It has excellent call sound clarity that will just leave you smiling. This headset boasts up to 8 hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby time on full charge. It also has a dedicated key which you can always switch off to conserve the available power. you can get this headset for just under $15.

Samsung Universal USB Extended Battery

Samsung galaxy Universal USB Extended BatteryThis battery back up for the Galaxy Note 5 provides power for your device up to 3 times which is just excellent. With 9000 mAh of battery life available, this battery back up is just your perfect Samsung Galaxy Note 5 companion for those moments when you can’t just sit down to charge the phone and you need it fully charged at all times. With an LED indicator that shows you how much it has been charging and how much power is remaining once you have started to transfer the power to your phone. It is a really incredible device that will always have your Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s back whenever you need it. So, when in need of power for the Galaxy Note 5 on the go, this is the accessory for that and your Smartphone will always be charged. The price tag for this powerhouse battery pack is $69.99 on Amazon (UK: £49.99).

Wireless SanDisk Connect Flash Drive

SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive note 5Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with either 32GB or 64GB internal memory, what if this is not enough? Then, have a look onto this beautiful gadget that will increase your Note 5 space wirelessly. With this accessory, you can store as well as share anything from document, audio files and videos wirelessly with your Galaxy Note 5 through Wi-Fi. No need for nor internet connection. You can access all your data that you have stored here by downloading an app that is available for your Galaxy Note 5 on Google play. You can stream videos for up to 4 hours and if the battery runs dry, you can charge it via the USB 2.0 port. You have the option of protecting the data with a Wi-Fi password that increases the security of your files. This wireless flash drive is available on 32GB ($34.99), 64GB ($49.99) and 128GB ($99.99).

Samsung Gear Fit Smart Watch

samsung gear fit note 5This smart watch basically helps you track all of your activities through out the day as well as your health. It has a heart rate sensor (like the FitBit Charge HR) that helps you know how good the health of your heart is. It is a truly incredible device for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as it has all the functions to enhance the performance of this smart phone. With a super AMOLED touch screen, lightweight construction and really a durable body to go along with it, this accessory is a must have. The watch will not only show you all notification, but you will be able to accept/reject calls, access SMS, Emails, as well as some compatible apps. It is also dust/water proof so that you never have to worry about any of this. This is literally one of the best Galaxy Note 5 accessories I ever had and it's worth $139.99 on Amazon US (UK: £75)

Samsung Keyboard Cover

galaxy-note5_accessories_feature_keyboard-cover2This keyboard cover is just the right accessory for your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specially if you prefer the physical keyboard like many BlackBerry fans. The fact that you don’t need to charge this keyboard or anything, just place on the screen and you are good to go, this accessory is just amazing. Available in three colors of gold, silver and black, this keyboard is perfect for those moments you don’t want to stain your Galaxy Note 5’s screen. It is actually detachable and you get the added advantage of a screen protector for your Galaxy Note 5 which is just absolutely amazing. Secondary functions that include symbols and a section for the dialer are included in this keyboard cover and it is just amazing. Unfortunately it's only available for Galaxy S6 Edge+ for now, but it's coming soon for the Note 5, so keep tuned.

iOttie Car Mount Holder

note 5 car holderWith just a push of a finger, you are able to release the device from the one-touch mounting too that is also really easy to use. This accessory has a large suction cup that you can mount on the windscreen of your car or any other smooth surface. You can restore it back to how it was by just washing and rinsing with warm water and you allow it to dry in the air. This accessory is fully adjustable as it holds the Galaxy Note 5 to a 360 degree angle and this is especially suitable for portrait or landscape views. This accessory is the best for users of the Galaxy Note 5 who are especially fond of driving and would like to keep their smart phone near them without the danger of actually losing focus on the road. It is a great accessory especially for long distance drives and you want to view the GPS maps from your Galaxy Note 5. So, if you are thinking about an accessory that will keep you close to the functions of your Galaxy Note 5 without having to worry about taking your eyes off the road, then this is the accessory for that. Price is around $17 on Amazon (Amazon UK: £13).

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