Best Galaxy Note 5 Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are very important when installed on your phone. With a screen protector your device is protected in a great way by protecting from shattering when you drop it accidentally and even from fingerprints. These protectors are made of plastics, film and even glass. Film and Plastics are less expensive; but at least they protect your phone’s screen from scratches.

Plastic glass or Tempered glass are ideal as they protects your device's screen when dropped as they absorbs most of the impact. They are also known for easy installation. The latest phone accessories that are popular are the Tempered glass protectors as they are of the many advantages. Basically they prevent the device’s screen from cracking in case it accidentally drops. Tempered glass can be described as an actual glass that is 5 times stronger than regular ones because of the way they are made. Two major benefits of using glass is its resistance to Shock and heat. Another positive attribute of using tempered glass is that it is more scratch resistant than plastic one. Dust can as well slip in from the edges of the device and if you didn’t lay the plastic on the screen bed properly, it is most probably that it also has developed air bubbles within the phone screen.

We will look at the 12 best screen protectors for Galaxy Note 5.

1- Spigen Crystal Clear

spigen crystal clear note 5This crystal clear film protects your phone’s screen from scratches. It has a clear visibility that retains the screen’s brightness without a rainbow effect. Besides its precise cutouts for the perfect fit and functionality this screen protector for galaxy note 5 offers a dry application that is easy for installation and removal as well. That is bubble-free and leaves no residue. This screen protector fits perfectly better than the cheap ones available in the market. They come along with a very good microfiber cleaning cloth that works quite well with the protector to remove all the fingerprints, oil, dust and sweat. The protector is easy and simple to install. You can install by yourself without the help of an expert. The Spigen crystal clear screen protector is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (2015) and goes for $9.99 only.

2- Ringke Invisible Defender

ringke note 5 screen protectorIt is an invisible defender tempered glass for ultimate clear shield offering super strong and clear protection together with high definition quality visibility. A real tempered glass makes all the difference in quality and touch sensitivity. This screen protection cover makes your phone to have an improved touch satisfaction with high quality and perfect thickness which is a 0.33mm. This is the only tempered glass that serves the ultimate screen shield for the samsung galaxy note 5. It is easy and simple to install. It is characterized with ultra-tough 9h hardness to enhance strength for prevention from scratches, dents and breakage. Its advanced fit and perfect size make it the best compared to others. It has a new 2.5 dimensional edge for sleek curvature to align screen protector surface with your device. The Ringke invisible defender is priced at $8.99 only.

3- iSmooth PET Protector

ismooth protector note 5Theses screen protectors are manufactured with high quality pet plastic that offers protection for your device from scratches. It is fully compatible with verizon, at&t, sprint and phone variant. The ismooth pet protector has a high-end ultra-clear hd plastic material that ensures best quality viewing experience. This revolutionized bubble-free protector technology offers a good and less hassle installation. To prevent it from lifting on any edge or sides of the film, the protector is digitally cut to its precise fit. It is known to experience free s-pen friction. The tackiness may be experienced for a short while after installation, but definitely dissolves in 10 minutes time after installation. It is fully compatible with verizon (model no. Sm-n920v), sprint (model no. Sm-n920p), at&t (model no. Sm-n920a) among other varieties of Galaxy Note 5. If you have been putting on some sort of screen protectors for a good amount of years without satisfaction, you will be happy now to find what you have been looking for. It comes along with a thoughtful addition of dust remover stickers. You can get Note 5 screen protector of your own at only $9.97.

4- Ringke Screen Protector

invisible defender for galaxy note 5The ringke screen protector is an invisible defender which has a 3 front plus1 back plus a max hd clarity (3 front screen protective film and 1 for the back). It offers a lifetime guarantee of perfect touch precision a 4-pack high definition (hd) clarity film for your phone. With this protector, you save money and get more protection. The hd clarity film ensures maximum resolution for quality display. It has natural touch properties that allow perfect screen touch precision. It is also adjustable to perfect size fitting for your device that prevents lifting with any case installed. Its compatible model is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and is priced at $7.99 only.

5- Supershieldz Tempered Glass

supershiels note 5 protectorThe supershieldz has ballistics glass which is 0.3mm 9h hardness, anti-fingerprint, and an anti-scratch. It is also bubble free and crystal clear 1-pack that offers lifetime warranty. This tempered glass is made from the highest quality ballistic glass with 9h hardness for super tough protection on high impact drops, dents and scratches. It is almost hundred percent hd clarity. It also maintains the original touch experience for a very long time. The 9h strong hardness, anti-scratch is 3 times stronger than any other screen protector film. Unlike the regular screen protectors, the Supershieldz screen protectors are made from glass and don’t show any rainbow effect. It is specifically designed for galaxy note 5 and available in retail packaging at price of $7.99.

6- Jetech Note 5 Tempered Glass

note 5 tempered glassIt is characterized with a ballistics glass of 0.3mm 9h hardness anti-scratch anti-fingerprint with a lifetime warranty. It is also a bubble free protector with a crystal clear 1-pack which is available at retail packaging. It is made from the highest quality tempered-glass with 9h super tough protects from scratches to high impact drops. It is characterized with clarity and maintains a lifetime guarantee of original touch experience. Its 9h strong hardness anti scratch is 3 times stronger than a regular screen protector film. The jetech tempered glass protector protects your cell phone’s screen from drops and scratches. At only $7.99 you can have screen protector for Galaxy Note 5 on your device.

7- Ionnic Screen Guard

ionic tempered glass galaxy note 5 protectorThe Ionnic's tempered screen guards are made from material that uses high technological knowledge to protect and shield the screen of device you want to shield. It is a thick about 0.5 mm guard which offers shatter proof. These screen protectors have a good quality glass material with a hardness rating of 9h. The main advantage of these screen protectors over other protectors is that they are the best shatterproof. That means that they are resistant to splintering or shattering. They therefore allow the absorption of impact than the other screen protectors available in the market. These screen protectors also have a polished finishing giving them a soft sliding touch when swiping and sliding the screen of your phone. It has a design that offers security. It is currently sold at $3.99 only.

8- Peyoy Screen Protector

tempered glass for note 5This Galaxy Note 5 screen protectors are manufactured with materials that use high tech to protect and shield your samsung galaxy note 5. It is developed from a glass of high quality with a rating of 9h hardness which is shatterproof and allows the absorption of more impact than other regular screen protectors available. These protectors have a smooth feeling from its well-polished finish that you enjoy as you slide and swipe your screen. Its design together with its lightweight material provides peace of mind regardless of what gouges the screen of your device. Even if the device is dropped on its screen or accidentally gouged it with a sharp material or even get scratched by a blade, you will be surprised realize the way the Peyoy screen protectors will resist the crack, scratch in case your phone’s screen scrabbled. It offers the ultimate protection for a long time. You can get it at a price of $3.99 only.

9- Illumishield Ultra Clear

illumeshield screen protector for galaxy note 5This kit comes with three times ultra hd clear screen protectors which are compatible with the samsung galaxy note 5. It comes along with installation squeegee, a set of instructions, microfiber cleaning cloth and the lifetime warranty from the producer. Its design accommodates high quality pet that comprises of several layers. A specific function is provided by every layer allowing the ultra-clarity. It is among the top hd line of screen protectors that makes them perform better compared to their competitor products that use under quality materials and processes of manufacturing. These screen protectors provide crystal clarity with unmatched durability. It design is crafted to be as invisible as possible. You can hardly notice this screen protector when it is installed. The screen protector offer "actual touch" feels for a superior tactile experience, so it's as if there's nothing there at all. Its resin layer is self-adhesive which allows for an easy dry installation. This means no struggles from handling spray solution that potentially leaks into the ports of your phone and exposes it to damage. The Illumishield ultra clear is best applied for optimal effect when installed in a lint-free environment. It is priced only at $ 6.45 and is available in many retail shops.

10- Mr.Shield Protection Film

mr shields screen protector for galaxy note 5It is basically an invisible for guard Samsung Galaxy Note 5.. It is quite simple to install the cover without bubbles or dust using the kit. It sports 4h anti scuff and scratch resistant where the cover works extremely well to reduce glare and protect the phone screen. It is known to repel dust and reducing signs of daily wear. It also has a manufacturer lifetime replacements which includes 3 premium clear screen protectors. Besides its transparency film which is high definition and that ensures high resolution, it has a premium film of high quality multi-layer that comes along with self-adhering surface. It therefore leaves no residue when plucked out. It is pre-cut to fit the screen exactly and has well installed scratch resistant coating. The price for this Galaxy Note 5 screen protector is $ 5.99 on Amazon.

11- Engive 9H Hardness Protector

tough screen protector for note 5This screen protector offers a long lasting protection for your device against dust, drop impacts and gouges. It is a highly transparent film that provides an added screen contrast for brilliant color display. It can be characterized to have a natural feel from TruTouch Sensitivity which allows for flawless touch screen accuracy of your device. Engive 9h hardness protector offers protection for your screen from unwanted cracks from impacts and scratches that gradually develop on the screen. It perfectly fits to Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Actually, it works better and it is simple to apply. You can install it in less than 5 minutes, easily perfectly with no bubbles or dust particles. It is advised you read how to install on for some useful tips. The price for Engive 9h hardness protector is $10.99 only on Amazon US.

12- Dmax Note 5 Screen Protector

dmax armor note 5 screen protectorDmax armor screen protectors offer the highest quality on the market today. The Dmax armor screen protector is delivered along with it kit that contains 6x screen protectors, 1x application card and a microfiber cloth that is lint-free. It comes with a full risk-free lifetime replacement warranty. Besides it leaves no residue when removed because of its highest quality multi-layer premium film which has a self-adhering surface. Unlike regular protectors, this one offers a pre-cut that fits your device’s screen exactly together with its scratch resistant coating. It is flimsy free. Unlike other screen protectors, this protector just fit the screen of your device. Also the hole for the home button fully fits. For the price you can't complain because the Dmax armor screen protector goes for $ 7.49 only.

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