Best Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Cases

The new Note 5 from Samsung features some of the latest in phone technology. With a 5.7 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED screen that has the best resolution that you can possibly imagine in a phone. With new stylus technology and a 16 MP rear camera, the need for protecting all these amazing features has never been more needed. The phone is eye catching and the need to maintain this beauty but still make sure that there is protection is really essential.

This gadget features more specs that are guaranteed to blow your mind and with this kind of gadget, you need the best case to go with it. One that can guarantee the best protection that can possibly be accorded this technological marvel. So, below are some of the best Galaxy Note 5 cases and accessories that this phone should go with to ensure that its durability is sustained.

#1 Ringke Fusion

ringke note 5 case clearThis case perfectly fits the Note 5 with crystal clear protection that enhances the original look. It is made in such a way that the Note 5 is allowed access to all the buttons as well as the ports so that it isn’t cumbersome when using the phone with this case. Dust caps are attached to protect the phone’s ports as well as the audio jack from dust and dirt which can cause a really negative effect on the phone. So, know that wherever you place the Galaxy NOTE 5, it is free of dirt and dust at all times. Now, what is more amazing about this case is the fact that it came with a free HD screen protector as well as a back protective film and a DIY template that allows you to customize this case to how you want it to look like, which is really cool. It comes at the low price of just $8.99.

#2 Spigen Rugged Armor

note 5 spigen rugged armorThis Galaxy Note 5 case is absolutely amazing and gives your phone a rugged look that is just masculine like how anyone would like it. It has a single layer of TPU material that ensures the phone fits perfectly. This is because the case is also durable and it’s flexible so that it doesn’t offer any strains on the phone. The buttons are easy to press with this case and the fact that its design is stylish as well, you will absolutely love it. The fact that it keeps the S-Pen easily accessible is another added advantage that you’ll find extremely endearing with this case. It also gives the ultimate protection from drops as well as impacts so you never have to worry at all. In my openions this is one the best Galaxy Note 5 cases that's affordable at price of just $9.99 but offering the best protection for your gadget.

#3 Verus Heavy Duty Case

verus note 5 haevy duty caseWhat you will love about this case is that it offers the Galaxy Note 5’s beauty a chance to shine like a case should. This case is a masterpiece because of the degree of protection that it has accorded the phone. How? By covering all the four corners and a lip that ensures the screen never touches the surface of anything thereby scratching the screen. The fact that the buttons are responsive to the touch like the case is not even there in the first place is what is even more amazing about this case. The phone’s protection is guaranteed but thinness of the case is emphasized a lot. It is made of material that will cushion most falls and therefore the Note 5 is always protected at all times. This Note 5 case comes at a price of just $16.99. Imagine that price for all the amazing specs that this case has

#4 Spigen Ultra Hybrid

note 5 spigen ultra hybridThe fact that this case for Note 5 provides the much needed air cushion for theis phone is what puts it on a class of its own really. This case has a clear design that ensures the phone’s beauty is always outspoken like it should be actually. The fact that this crystal clear transparency makes sure that the original phone design is always complemented is what you will love more about this case. The bezels are raised so that the screen is always lifted off of flat surfaces for that much needed protection against the scratching of the screen. The fact that buttons are easy to press like the case was not even there is what is more amazing about this case. This case just comes at the amazing price of $11.99, which is the best deal for such a case. It offers the best protection for the Note 5 but at a really fair price.

#5 Obliq Kickstand Case

note 5 obliq naked shieldThis case is absolutely amazing due to the fact that it is drop as well as shock resistant so that you never have to suffer those unnecessary embarrassments if the phone ever dropped. The slim design ensures that no unnecessary weight is added on the phone so that it doesn’t become cumbersome when carrying the Note 5 around. There is a built in feature called kickstand that allows you to watch any of the shows you love hands free. This feature is what you’ll find really awesome as far as this case goes. The back is made of crystal clear material so that the phone’s great beauty is not hidden and it’s visible as it should always be. It also complements the phone’s design quite excellently. This case comes at just a low price of $12.99 which is really fair considering all the amazing specs as far as protection of the Galaxy Note 5 is concerned.

#6 Tauri Wallet Leather

tauri note 5 wallet coverNow, if there has ever been a case that is just amazing in its design as well as its functionality, then this has to be it. On top of the fact that it protects the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 quite superbly, it has built in card pockets that you can store your ID as well as credit cards or any cash on you. It has a kickstand feature that ensures the watching of videos or messaging or face timing is really easy on the Note 5 at your convenience. It also protects the Note 5 from scratches, dust, dirt as well as damages and this is absolutely amazing. The fact that it has a magnetic strap for easy closing that never wears out is what is more brilliant about this case and at the unbelievable price of just $9.99, you are assured protection of the phone at a really low price.

#7 Verus Galaxy Note 5 Case

verus slim case note 5This case complements the Note 5 like a case should really do but also provides the best in protection that it can offer. The edges are fully protected as well as a raised lip so that the screen is protected from any surface and this is why you’ll love this case the more. You will have responsive ports as well as buttons with this case and that is why it is on a class of its own really. It fits the phone quite snuggly and it is really thin but provides maximum protection even from falls. So, be it a serious fall or just a normal one, know that your phone is safely cushioned from such accidents. It has that look that is just amazing and you will love this on your Note 5 just like you should. At the unbelievable price of just $16.99, this makes it one of the best Note 5 cases around there.

#8 Abacus 24-7 Wallet Case

note 5 Abacus24-7 wallet caseNow, what you’ll absolutely cherish about this case is not just the fact that it is made from pure leather but the fact that it has two protective layers meaning that it provides double protection for your Note 5. It has a foldable stand so that your video experience is greatly enhanced as well as those video chats are completely made easier with this feature that is hands free. This case comes with built in slots for your credit cards or ID or even cash that you might be carrying with you. This case is a perfect fit for the Note 5 and there is no obstruction at all for the ports as well as the buttons and the S-Pen is not obstructed too. This case for the Note 5 comes at an unbelievably low price of just $9.99 which really is an amazing deal considering all the specs that come with it.

#9 LK Heavy Duty Case

lk kickstand case for note 5This Galaxy Note 5 case is the perfect design for the Note 5 and it fits perfectly well while providing the best protection. It has a belt holster with an advanced 2 layer case for that all important protection from drops. This is also enhanced by the fact that the corners have a better material that cushions these falls and other impacts as well. The belt clip ensures that the phone is protected from falls even when you are doing your morning jogs in the neighborhood. For the convenience of chatting on video or just watching them, there is the kickstand feature that enables this for you. It provides all round protection as well as the fact that accessing ports and buttons is even easier. With the amazing price of just $9.99, this is the best deal for your Note 5 that you will find nowhere else.

#10 IZENGATE Premium Wallet Case

wallet case for galaxy note 5This case is the perfect fit for the Note 5 and you’ll over the amazing design that was incorporated into making it. It is really easy to install which is why you will find it to be quite amazing. Access to buttons, camera, the speakers as well as ports is completely unhindered and you can feel like there is no case at all but the phone is fully protected. With the simple flip and fold function, enabling the built in back stand hasn’t been this easier. You can also put your credit cards in the 3 slots provided and an ID card slot as well with a cash slot as well. With this case, you can never forget any important cards in the house or anywhere as they are right there with your phone. This case simply is amazing. There is a special unique button closure on the flap that is fully customized so that you never have to worry about the phone at all. This case comes at just $12.99 on Amazon.

#11 ULAK Flip Cover

ulak note 5 slim tpu caseThis case was especially made for this phone, which is the galaxy Note 5 that is just brilliant. This is why it needed an even brilliant case to go with it. The fact that no weight at all is added to your NOTE 5 by this case because of its thinness and slim case design is what puts it on a class of its own. The rubber bumper provides shock resistance for your Note 5 while the transparent texture has a scratch resistant coating for that protection of the most essential element of the phone which is the super AMOLED screen. If you happen to place your Note 5 face down, the bevel is slightly raised for protection of the screen in such cases and this is why you will absolutely love this case. The design features of this case complement the Galaxy Note 5 as they should. This case comes at the low price of just $14.99 so you never have an excuse for not protecting your Note 5 phone.

#12 EL V PU Leather Case

e lv note 5 wallet caseThis leather case is absolutely what the Note 5 needed from the time you will buy it for all the protection needs this phone deserves. This case is made of the best quality leather that makes it really durable just like the phone itself. It provides unhindered access to the user interface as well as the camera lens, the speakerphone and microphone and the headphone jack making this case a marvel really. It protects the phone from scratches as well as damages due to its ultra slim design as well as lightweight construction. The case also comes with card slots so you never forget those important cards in the house or anywhere as the phone is always with you. The unbelievable fact is that this case is really affordable, going at the price of just $8.99 considering all the amazing protection features that this case offers, makes it one of the top Galaxy Note 5 cases.

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